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We consider the quality of our scientific network and access to the expertise from the Jaffrey Lab as well as our scientific founder as significant competitive advantages compared to our peers.



“RNA modifications represent an untapped frontier that will yield new therapeutic approaches.”


Pioneer in an emerging field

Gotham Therapeutics was founded in 2017 based upon the ground-breaking work of its co-founder, Professor Samie Jaffrey, a pioneer in the field of epitranscriptomics.

His work has redefined and continues to redefine our understanding of RNA regulation by uncovering mechanisms that control mRNA translation and trafficking in human cells and the biological consequences of such.

Samie and his team pioneered our understanding of the role of the mRNA modification N6-methyladenosine (m6A) in human health and disease.  His transcriptome-wide map of m6A was the first global analysis of an mRNA base methylation. They found that m6A modification occurs in over 7,600 transcripts in cells, is markedly altered in cancer and development, and can change mRNA stability and translation.

Situated at Weill Cornell Medicine in Manhattan adjacent to the Rockefeller University, the Sloan Kettering Institute, the Jaffrey laboratory is and will continue to be a unique environment for making discoveries driving epitranscriptomics research.

Key Publications

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