In his career Dr. Gerhard Müller held key positions within the pharmaceutical and biotech industry delivering numerous clinical candidates. As a passionate and seasoned scientist, strong in devising and executing innovative concepts in medicinal chemistry, he brings deep small molecule drug discovery expertise to the company.

Dr. Müller’s in-depth knowledge on structure-based lead discovery, especially in fragment-based lead generation allowed him to establish novel design paradigms, proven by numerous peer-reviewed publications. He joined Gotham from Mercachem, and held key positions at Proteros fragments GmbH, GPC Biotech, Axxima Pharmaceuticals, Glaxo, Bayer and Organon before. Dr. Müller received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry in 1992 from the Technical University of Munich, working with Prof. Dr. Horst Kessler on anti-adhesive integrin antagonists. CEO and Co-Founder